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How to apply for a research degree

一旦你找到了一个博士项目或决定了自己的提案,并与潜在的导师交谈, you can apply using our online application system.

Prepare your application


What you’ll need when you apply:

  • your personal details
  • how you plan to fund your studies
  • project title
  • 导师姓名(申请前需与导师沟通)
  • 2 academic references from your most recent place of study
  • 本科学位成绩单,显示所获得的模块和分数
  • degree certificate (if you have already graduated)
  • English language qualification (if required)
  • CV (also referred to as a resume)
  • personal statement
  • 研究计划书(如果你正在计划自己的项目,或者它表明你需要提供它)

如果你需要获得英国签证,或者你正在申请资金或赞助,请尽早申请. 研究经费的截止日期通常至少在开始日期的6个月之前. 

Some projects will have a different application procedure. 当项目由博士培训合作伙伴资助时,通常是这种情况.

Steps to apply

  1. 检查你是否符合入学要求,并在项目页面上或与你的潜在导师确认关键日期.
  2. 写一份个人陈述,包括你做这个项目的动机, your relevant skills and experience, and how it supports your future goals. Keep this focused and concise.  
  3. 你的在线申请是否已经准备好了支持文件.
  4. 注册一个帐户,然后完成并提交在线申请表格. 你可以在提交之前保存和检查你的申请.  
  5. 检查您是否收到了pt真人电子的电子邮件,确认pt真人电子已经收到了您的申请. We usually send this straight away.
  6. 使用您的帐户登录详细pt真人电子来跟踪您的应用程序的进度.

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